• Africa: The last real adventure

    The climate and diversity of wildlife make the Dark Continent irresistible to sportsmen. We hunt six different countries in Africa including Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa. They all serve our clients with different experiences and species.
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  • South Africa

    Best known for its great plains game hunting. The private properties and lodge type atmosphere is conducive to both serious hunters and vacationing families.Plains game safaris are affordable and South Africa has many species available for hunting. It is not uncommon for a first time safari hunter to shoot ten species on a safari.
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  • Tanzania

    This is the premier destination for wilderness hunting adventures. We hunt remote concessions teeming with wildlife uninfluenced by man in many places.The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania is the largest uninhabited wilderness left in Africa and we can take you hunting there.
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  • Zambia

    This country offers excellent hunting of dangerous game. Zambia's famous Luangwa Valley, Kafue National Park, and the wetland areas of the north host rich hunting grounds for our clients' safaris.The varied habitats support a broad range of species including lion, leopard, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, plus numerous plains game species unique to Zambia.
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  • Zimbabwe

    Despite the recent economic troubles this country has experienced, the safari and hunting industries have continued to deliver great experiences to our overseas visitors.It is home to Victoria Falls and is still a good country for a full bag safari. You can hunt many species here including lion, elephant, leopard, and buffalo. Zimbabwe has great herds of eland and plentiful croc and hippo to be hunted.
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  • Botswana

    The land of the giants and one of the best places on earth to hunt elephant.There are more big tuskers coming out of Botswana than any other place. Great camps and good logistics make Botswana a pleasurable hunt for one of the greatest African trophies – The African Elephant.
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  • Mozambique

    Historically this country was one of the best destinations for plains game hunting.A long civil war and poaching brought this beautiful land to its knees, rendering it one of the poorest countries in the world. Mozambique and the game populations have recovered mainly due to the efforts of sportsmen like you.
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